Pitching the proposition to potential customers and partners to gauge future interest


Key cost is creating a pitch deck which conveys the proposition in a professional and convincing way, plus the cost of reaching the right customers.


Set-up time is typically 2-3 days, depending on the stage of your proposition/business model. Runtime depends on number of meetings.

Data strength

This gives a fair intention of whether there is a market for the proposition. Securing actual intentions-to-buy agreements increases this strength.


This experiment involves creating a professional pitch presentation which outlines the product in all key areas, including customer need, solution details, business model, partner engagement and customer benefits.  This is then pitched to customers and/or partners to gauge their response and their likelihood to purchase or sign-up.  

This direct communication allows us to understand and address concerns and objections, prior to committing resources to design and build.


  • Pitch for a letter-of-intent or early sign-up
  • Create a simple online video or webinar
  • Explore variation e.g. business models
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