Pricing Page

Test your customers’ willingness to buy at different price points, to optimise your margins


Low cost to design and build a page, but further costs may be incurred, depending on your customer acquisition paths, e.g. paid ads.


Set-up time is up to a week, depending on existing collateral. Minimum runtime is 2 weeks, but a longer cycle could be needed.

Data strength

This test can reveal signals about customer value and channels to market. However, it is limited by the fact that often precludes purchasing.


Getting your product pricing right is core to the success of your business, but oftentimes a lack of data means founders rely on sub-optimal reference points to determine pricing.

This test systematically explores what customers are willing to pay, to take the guesswork out of your price structure.

Explore varied price points and pricing structures, either simultaneously (A-B) or changing over the test period in response to customer responses.  Alternatively, test different prices within different audiences, against varied positioning statements and against different feature sets.


  • Testing multiple pricing (A-B testing)
  • Positioning vs pricing 
  • Pricing interviews
  • Integrating with surveys
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